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Amazing Music Box

Amazing Music Box is a powerful, intelligent new music machine that quietly goes about its business of filling any environment with amazing music.

Having no moving parts, Amazing Music Box runs cool and reliably on our bespoke amazing software giving you a hassle free music solution.  Playlists and commercials are monitored and adjusted remotely from Amazing Towers to eliminate any need for staff to change CDs or removable media.

With the option of day-parting playlists, bespoke and timed commercials, Amazing Music Box is a top line product that helps increase sales and dwell time, as well as reducing your bottom line. find out more…

Amazing Boom Box

Our Amazing Boom Box is the next generation of amazing audio delivery. A balanced mix of power and clarity allows the Amazing Boom Box to be the perfect musical solution to clients with larger sites.

Amazing Boom Box includes dual speakers allowing a greater spread of music throughout a site, and the ability to adjust the EQ and volume via the Amazing Boom Box‘s control panel gives you total control of your sound. find out more…

Amazing Baby Box

Amazing Baby Box is a neat solution for the more perfectly formed of environments. Amazing Baby Box has all the EQ and volume functionality of the more powerful Amazing Boom Box solution, but in a single speaker solution to suit smaller sites.

Amazing Baby Box, like the Amazing Boom Box gives the user the ability to change play list genres any time, any day… bringing a compact and bespoke in-store music solution to any client. find out more…