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Black Letters

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Just when you thought that you’d heard everything. We bring you Black Letters. An Indie Rock band from India. Which would make them India Rock? Right?

Well maybe not, but we Brits don’t have the monopoly on guitar fuelled Indie bands anymore. As our tastes have moved somewhat away from the guitar revolution bands of the 90s. There aren’t as many Indie guitar bands breaking into the charts these days. A quick look at even the Indie Chart confirms this.

There could be some debate about the origins of Indie music, and who really started what. This is not the place for such a discussion. As these types of arguments, especially in music are very much cyclical. But from our point of view, its always the band or artist that are trying to move music on are the real pioneers. Not acts that just regurgitate the past as they try and turn a quick buck.

Black Letters

Black Letters follow the tried an tested formula for any good guitar band. Vocalist & guitarist: check. Guitarist: check. Bass: check. Drummer: check. No sitar player though, they’re not trying to be The Beatles. But there is an underlying influence. Even if it has been filtered through other acts.

This influence brings with it a happy familiarity, which is a good trait to have for any new band. It helps to build a quick connection between both band and listener. Roam has all of these influences and more flowing through it which makes it a good introduction to the band.

The drums plunge you straight into the tracks beat and holds you there. No build, up just straight in. Which is where some of the best stories start, right in the middle of the action. The rising reverb of the guitars gives Roam its instant anthemic quality.

Then there’s the voice. There is a tendency for vocalists in this genre to pay too much attention on how they sound over what the audience can actually hear. Which is a shame. Not here though. The vocals are crisp and clear. Even at the top of the range, where it is all to easy to lose the vocal clarity.

Roam is but one of several tracks from the bands debut LP, Shapes on the Wall which is all freely available from their page. If this is our first introduction to bands from India, then we’re more than keen to hear more!

Available for comments through Twitter and updates from Facebook, Black Letters are our first band to hail from India. Which this week, makes them our favourite.

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