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Dive In

Dive InAfter seeing the name Dive In pop up in a number of our blog feeds, we began wondering what the hype was about. Secretly we were hoping that’s all it was, hype. We like to be close, if not at the front of all things new in music, so to miss out however briefly on something as good as Let Go, we couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in ourselves!

Don’t you just hate it when other people are so massively right!

The track was uploaded to just after it’s official release on the 30th July, so we shouldn’t really be too hard on ourselves. There is after-all, an abundance of electronic music doing the rounds at the moment, but missing out on a gem like this still smarts a little.

To give you an idea of how quickly catchy electronic pop music can flow through our connected world, their YouTube video (below) has over 6,000 views and their SoundCloud page has over 90,000 plays (although they had a head start) and now including this little piece, they have garnered a number of enthusiastic blog posts!

On first listen, our ears were drawn to the piano that gives the tune its blissful base. This is layered with brilliant synths, the obligatory drum machine and a meandering guitar riff that dips neatly in and out of earshot. We love the brilliantly 80s guitar solo!

This is the first outing for the band from Glastonbury, and it would be far too easy to start waxing lyrical about the bands potential and where it could take them. But we can’t deny the catchy nature of the track that sticks with you as only good earworms can. This is a tune that you’ll enjoy having around for the remainder of your summer.

So Dive In, that’s how we feel! After initially being disappointed in ourselves, we’re now more than a little happy that our latest electronic earworm goes by the name of Let Go and we’re already looking forward to the next installment!

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