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LA CORVETTEThere is one thing that we value more than music. Obviously we’re discounting our family and friends from this statement, but our lives would be so much emptier without humour. It’s what livens up each day and stops monotony from creeping in.

There are many examples out there that combine our two great loves and mash them together. But one that we keep coming back to is this.

There is a hidden danger here, because we laugh so loud and love this video a bit too much, we’re becoming genuinely concerned that some of these feelings may be transferred to the bands in it. And as they’ve never been amazing then any kind of emotion here would be mis-placed. This is a place for amazing artists only.

LA CORVETTE are a brand new amazing artist that make us smile. Not in the belly laughs like the video above, but in the far more subtle and important way of, “We really want to have a beer with those guys”. Belly laughs we know will come later the more beer that we get through.

Let’s share with you why we’ve become so enamoured with this band. Last week, we, as this little blog, were being faced with what can best be described as a tiny crisis of massive proportions.

In our own little way we care about the music we find and share here, and if at any point we share something that we don’t truly love, like, admire etc then it will shine through in the words we use. No matter how we try to hide it, the savvy readers that you are will go away knowing that our hearts weren’t really in it, and nobody wants that.

This was the precarious position we sat in last Monday afternoon. We had music, but none that we could hand on heart share and give it its due. Then we stumbled across this…

We’ve promised to help LA CORVETTE get the viewing figures into the low 20s (at least) for this. So please, help a blogger out.

We instantly liked it. We loved the way it reminded us of both Smokey and the Bandit and The Dukes of Hazzard. Two of our childhood favourites. When we found out that the footage is lifted from a film from 1974, we got it fixed in our minds that this was the genesis of the whole car chase genre. (Note; After doing the smallest bit of the research on this, we know that this isn’t true. We just chose to believe what we wanted! The fact that Bullitt came out a good 6 years earlier is in this case neither here nor there.) If you look closely at the credits you’ll also spot the flourishes of humour that we’re talking about.

LA CORVETTELA CORVETTE have a sound that has been described (by them) as a roadside diner late breakfast consisting of Dirty Three, Chris Isaak and Toto! A description so good that we couldn’t hope to improve on it. Formed by brothers Benjamin and Reuben Whitehouse, the two piece drums-and-guitar set up was joined by the violin talents of Zoe Thomas in the summer of 2013.

Since then this merry trio have released two EP’s, Sketches & Drinking Games. Both EPs were recorded on the same day at La Brique, a DIY art space which was being forced to close due to rising rent and the dreaded commercial appropriation. ‘Commercial Appropriation’ is such a soulless phrase. Clearly the creation of a bureaucrat to cover the relentless march of the grey.

Both EP’s were a double-digital release on the 1st of April. With Out of the Game being the pick of the tracks for us. It has in it all the factors that helped form their self penned description and is a great introduction to the band. This song, in our mind would be best heard in a back street bar. The kind of place that you find when you go off the beaten track slightly and end up having one of the nights of your lives. Cold beer, good music and new found friends. It’s what great stories are made from.

If we were to travel to Montreal, this is the kind of experience we’d be searching for. LA CORVETTE will be playing a number of local shows and festivals and we’d love to go to any one of them.

If this hasn’t wet your appetite, then here’s another video in the form of the Shipping Forecast. Don’t forget to check out both of their EPs in all of their glory on There are little gems in there that will help make you smile. You can also follow them through Facebook and Twitter.



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