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LuhaMusic, no matter how beautifully played, will have a limited life on any playlist if it lacks emotion, imagination and promise. We’ve all come across something that initially sounded great, but just didn’t stand up to repeated plays. At the time you couldn’t quite put your finger on why. But you knew that there was just something missing.

Luha, and her track Lullaby, don’t need to worry about such things.

We knew this from the first play as we had a physical response to the emotion in the track. For us this manifests itself in a false sense of talent as we try to sing along! Not the best for colleagues, but this is our first real indication to us that what we’re listening to is something a little special.

This mysterious artist from the north of Sweden is intent on letting her music speak for itself. Which, for the time being is all the information that we have on her. Few who have relied solely on their music to speak for them have had a track of the quality of Lullaby to do the speaking.

This could be the main reason why after only a handful of plays we’ve quickly forgotten about them and moved on. The way that Lullaby builds and layers sounds to create a musical landscape that gets your imagination working, means that it won’t be easy to forget about Luha. Once a track engages you in this way you know that you can come back to it time and time again. As long as your imagination hasn’t been completely obliterated by TV, then you can carry on enjoying it.

The imagery that we get from the lyrics helps to paint a full picture in our minds. Something along these lines…

treesLandscape “We live at night with the fireflies in the treetop”

If this is the kind of place that music from Luha can take us, then we want more. At the moment, the only insight we have into Luha’s world is through Lullaby. We’re more than happy to stay here. Call us when you find something better!

This just leaves us with the promise the track shows. Promise is a difficult quality to give scale to. Emotion and imagination are a lot easier to describe, as everyone has had an emotional response to a song that has fired their imagination. But promise?

Literally, promise is a declaration of intent. A commitment by someone that they will do something. So where Luha’s music can take her in the future is really down to her and the next choices she makes. From our point of view we simply know that we want to hear more. If we do then others, who like music, will want the same. We know that there is more to come from Luha with planned releases in theĀ  spring/summer.

She hails from a part of Sweden where the sun never climbs the sky. These next releases will give a better indication of how high Luha can climb!

Stay tuned in with Luha by following her on her Facebook page, and keep one eye on her profile for the next releases.

Photo by Thomas Geersing / CC BY
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