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Pullman Standard

Pullman StandardTo blatantly steal the words of the nicest man in rock, ‘…Musicians should go to a yard sale and buy an old f****** drum set and get in their garage and just suck. And get their friends to come in and they’ll suck, too. And then they’ll f******* start playing and they’ll have the best time they’ve ever had in their lives…’

Pullman Standard could use these words as the opening to their future biography.

Timothy Daniels, the steam power behind Pullman Standard, was a precursor to these words, which we’ve taken from March of this year. (If you don’t recognise the person we’re quoting then you don’t know music. Best change that!) Timothy has been doing exactly that since the summer of 2007.

He knew what sound he wanted to create and armed with his acoustic guitar he went about making it happen. Friends joined, miles were travelled, gigs were played (easily over 500) and a band was born.

The result being Pullman Standard and with a new E.P being released in February 2014, they continue along the path they have chosen with complete conviction.

This, in our humble opinion, is the mark of a real band.

On Alley Cat, Tru Collins joins Timothy on vocals, creating a dynamic duet that is full of energy. A good duet has the ability transcend genres. We bet right now you’ll have one worming it’s way into your mind. Almost certainly placed there thanks to your parents taste in music and not your own. Lionel Richie & Diana Ross anyone?

Rock duets though have an edge that you just don’t get from any other genre. They are fragile pieces of work that can easily be ruined by a weaker voice or not being skilfully backed by the band. There’s no hint of this in Alley Cat.

It could just have that little bit extra in it that helps open up the doors to a wider fanbase for Pullman Standard.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’ve heard tracks in the past that have edged towards the middle in order to gain more fans and by doing so have completely sacrificed any integrity that the band has built up. They made the mistake of straying too far into the world of the beige, so much so that they blend into everything else that’s out there. Alley Cat doesn’t do this as it always remains true to its rock roots.

As a result it’s a song whose great rock beat draws you in and holds your attention throughout. The two voices combine to deliver a powerful vocal performance that is the result of ‘when two wills collide’. This combination could be the ‘extra’ that we mentioned before.

All that we do know is that this is a rock duet that deserves to be shared!

There is a great deal more to come from this North Hollywood based band. Make sure you don’t miss out by keeping tabs on them through both Facebook & Twitter.

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