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Racing Glaciers

Racing GlaciersJuxtaposition. Now that’s a good word. Rolls off the tongue beautifully. Racing Glaciers name being a perfect example of this. Placing the two contrasting ideas side by side helps to create emphasis. This, combined with our childish need to replace their name with Enrique Iglesias, always makes us smile.

Racing Glaciers have been on our new music radar ever since October of 2012 when they uploaded their self titled Debut EP to New Country is the fore runner to their new EP Ahead of you Forever, which will be with us on the 2nd of February. If the single is anything to go by then this is not only going to be another great EP, but also a great leap forward for this talented five piece from Macclesfield.

New Country bares all the hallmarks of a track that has been penned by a band who have been working hard on their sound. Its fuller, stronger and more accomplished than before and it’s going to gain them many a new fan. The attention they’ve been receiving on social sites since they released the track is witness to this fact.

It’s the drum beat that gives the track its powerful base from which gorgeous synths and soaring guitars are placed. There is some reverb in the background which gives a great depth to the track and makes it perfect to play loudly whilst stuck in traffic. We know this from personal experience. It’s been our track of choice to listen to on the way home for at least a week and it’ll take something special to move it from this lofty pedestal.

2014 is going to be a big year for Racing Glaciers. Kicking off with a new EP followed closely with a tour along with another favourite Dan Croll. All dates can be found on their Facebook page. If you’re thinking about going to the gig in Newcastle then you best act quickly. I’m sure the crowd will be made up of a number of our colleagues from Amazing Towers!

You can also keep up to date with the comings and goings of Racing Glaciers through their Twitter feed.

And just in case you’re interested, other words that we find roll off the tongue well include hoi polloi, filibuster and superfluous which seems a nice place to leave you.

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