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StitchSTITCH were first pulled together in January 2013 at the University of Surrey by a group of music students. What else would you want to do at university if you were a music student? You’d have to form a band. Wouldn’t you? Surely that should be part of the course.

Of course this comes from the naive point of view of a group of people who have never studied music. There are many differing perspectives of music, some that we have never even heard about, let alone experienced that are beyond us.

Thankfully being un-educated in all the forms of music in no way inhibits our enjoyment of it. Analysis of music, we feel can in some instances take away some of it’s magic. Who wants to know that the rabbit was always in the hat? Ignorance in this case is bliss!

STITCH have used their time at university wisely and having been in the real world for 10 months now has given them the chance to put what they have learned to the test. They have already shared tracks such as Waste with us and their latest Love Again shows that they are more than finding their feet.

Love Again has an anthemic chorus that after one listen you’re already singing along too. Admittedly with the wrong words at first, but at least you’ll be getting the tune right. When you do get the words your welcomed to the world of a mans hang ups at the start of a new relationship. These come flooding out possibly even before he has spoken to the focus of his attention. The whole relationship could just be playing out in his imagination as he may not have the confidence to walk up to her.

These insecurities form the basis of many a great pop song.

STITCH are playing the O2 Academy 2 Islington on the 13th of December if you fancy a pre-Christmas night out. It’s a great excuse to take along that girl you’ve always liked.

Hear more from STITCH on their page and through their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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