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TenterhookThere is something about new music that we find intoxicating. Hearing something that only the few have heard before gives an intimacy that you rarely can get from any other art form. It becomes almost secretive, personal, made just for you. This feeling transcends any type of genre that music tends to get herded into.

Tenterhook, and their creative force Archie Faulks, gave us one of these moments this week.

We were initially guilty of just dropping the track Stereo, into a generic one size fits all playlist. But there was something about it that kept us coming back. Others heard it, liked it and shared it around Amazing Towers. You’ll have to take our word for it that this is a rare event when all of the diverging tastes that we have in Towers converge on the same track. We all had slightly different takes on what made it stand out. Some went with Archie’s light touch to the vocal, others with the beautifully building tempo, some with the sentiment found in the lyrics.

From this point we knew that Stereo wouldn’t stay ‘personal’ for long.

Archie is a renaissance man of music. Being a skilled percussionist, pianist, guitarist not to mention a classically trained vocalist. We’re just waiting to hear that he can also jump from a standing start over any man. This helps us to understand why Stereo has such a complete feel to it. After all, it came from and was performed by the same mind. There are points at the beginning of any band where they are just finding their feet. When they’re not quite on the same wavelength. At times this can let a song down. This is a bridge that Archie may have to cross if he chooses to build a live band around his undoubted talent. So, no pressure for any musician out there who think they can join Archie!

For those of you who may have the talent to hold a candle to Archie, then you should go along to his gig at the Servant Jazz Quarters on the 23rd of April. See him for yourself.

Archie is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut EP which is due for a summer release. And after delivering such a striking introduction in the form of Stereo we’re more than confident that this EP will deliver.

For others, this would be a daunting task. We get the impression though that Archie is completely indifferent to this kind of pressure. This kind of confidence is something that we have seen before. But not in someone of so few years.

The opening line of Stereo goes…

“Lying in my bed but I’m sick of solo”

This we’ve taken metaphorically as it could be seen as a comment on music as a whole or the current line up of Tenterhook. You can take it literally if you like. We’ll leave you alone with your imagination for that one. But music, in the main, is consumed solo. We are becoming drones in headphones. All drawing from similar pools in which millions of songs swim. This makes it harder and harder for new artists to get any of our valuable attention. But some, some have the talent to demand this attention. We’re hopeful for Archie that his talent will see him through. Tenterhook make music that, although it will always be great to listen to alone, is destined to be shared with the masses.

National attention is on the horizon.

Tenterhook can be found in the usual haunts of Facebook and Twitter. Follow Archie. See what he does.

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