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WULFWolves exist in packs. They are extremely social animals that do everything together. At the core of the pack is a pairing who sit at the top of a complex hierarchy. WULF, has at its core Jimmy and Joshua who are growing their very own pack.

Getting together to hammer out tribal beats on pianos, Jimmy and Joshua Wulf created WULF in 2013.

Even though we used our patent pending, in-depth internet research strategy, we’re still a little unsure if their given surname Wulf, is down to a brotherly bond or if it’s merely a fabrication for the purposes of the band.

We’re going to assume (as assumptions have always served us well in the past) that it’s a naming convention for band members. So, if we are to follow our new found logic through, James Kenosha, who has helped enhance their sound through his production skills should be James Wulf. The same goes for the guitar talents of Sean Wulf (née O’Neill) who plays on the debut album.

These Days, is the sample track that you should be listening to now, that is if you’ve pressed play on the button above. Hammering pianos and tribal drums is a wonderfully concise description of the sounds that you are enjoying. The hammering though is not industrial as it suggests. It’s exuberant, vibrant and the life blood of the hooks that we’re finding contagious.

These Days is a reminiscent track as they lyrically look back and remember old friends and hopes. It touches on the power of hindsight and if small changes had been made in the past then the present could be so much different.

“Shout shout shout,

we should be living in our own house

These days I miss my old friends

as they walk on the clouds overhead”

 As introduction’s to bands go, These Days does far more than it’s original job of making us want to hear more. It has, for the first time, got us playing air piano. Which is slightly less embarrassing than air drums, but we think we can pull it off. The giggling behind us is proof of that. We now know that WULF have worked their talented way into our psyche. Their presence on any of our personal and public playlists has been assured. But one song does not a great band make.

They need more. They need to feed our new found desire with a bit more nourishment. They need to share something that shows a little extra that will in our minds truly set them apart. It’s a good job they have something like this up their sleeve…

Pick your preferred adjective. Enchanting, beguiling, captivating, endearing. They all fit. So when you’re sharing this with friends you can use the sentence..

“Dave, have you seen this video by WULF? It’s…”

Obviously, use your friends real name, but who doesn’t have a friend called Dave?

Lairs by itself would have had us snapping up the WULF album as soon as we could get our eager hands on it. The video though, adds a whole new depth to the band. It shows a great deal of emotional intelligence through the combination of track and imagery which lets us know that this is a band that knows its craft. This hasn’t all come together by chance.

If the video has wetted your appetite for more, you can see the full short film that inspired it from director Aaron Dunleavy here.

All well and good, the (very) sceptical among you may think, but can they play live? Well the lucky people who saw their first live show at Hoxton last Thursday night certainly thought so. As do the organisers of The Great Escape, who have signed up WULF to perform. Which is more than enough evidence for us.

We want to be part of this new pack. Amazing Wulf, has a certain ring to it. One that we’d proudly carry. Join the growing WULF pack by following their words on Twitter and through Facebook. Keep your ears open for the albums release dates and for more live gigs.

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