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If you're a band, a musician or a solo artist, you want your music to be heard. We can make that happen.

We supply music to businesses worldwide. It’s like they have their own radio station in their shops for their staff and customers.

We create playlists to suit each business, getting your music heard, gaining you more potential fans, paying you for the privilege.

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"Amazing Instore is one of my favorite platforms to share my music on. It's led to people hearing my music that never would have heard it otherwise. It’s easy to use and royalties are sent to me without any hassle or waiting time. I’m glad to be a part of the Amazing Instore."

"As independent musicians Amazing Instore has given us an amazing tool to reach listeners around the globe and as the royalties go directly to us, there really isn’t any downside to the service."

"Amazing Instore is a superb service that’s helped us get our music heard in places we’d have never thought to approach. Royalties are paid directly to us through Paypal, with no fuss. Since signing up, new fans have contacted us to say how and where they discovered Joyshop, and we’re always pleasantly surprised."