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Pump Up The Volume!!

posted by Fiona

Boom BoxAre you a shopaholic? Are you constantly on the look out for a bargain? I take a certain amount of pride in finding a good bargain. To the extent that my skills are in high demand amongst my family and friends. What makes me such an effective bargain hunter? Why do I carry on when faced with so many other shoppers?

Until working for Amazing Instore I was convinced that it was the draw of a bargain that kept me going.  That was exactly what the shops had wanted me to think! They had me in their grasp.

Since my own personal shopping revelation I have been conducting a little bit of research. Call it an observational study if you will, visiting a number of high street retailers (and gathering some bargains on the way – work related obviously). In the bigger retail stores I noticed something that may have helped my shopping motivation.

Gyms provide the most visual example of this. Upbeat tracks help motivate you to do that extra mile, try that little bit harder. Now if you add shopping aisles to that image you can see how a change in tempo in a store can help motivate shoppers to find that one last bargain. When you are faced with row on row of discount items its sometimes hard to carry on. Will the searching be worth it? Will there be a bargain before the end of the rail?

Stores owners are clever. They know the effect that a change in music can create amongst their shoppers. This change is most dramatic when the sales are on. Let’s take one store as an example. The normal soundtrack for the store is normally relaxed, with pop styling.  In the sale period the music is notably faster and a little louder. The music would now be classed as a more upbeat pop and light dance in nature, its also a little bit louder. Then once the sale period had ended the music returned to the relaxed pop feel previously heard in the store.

As I have mentioned previously, in restaurants slow music increases spend per head as people eat slower and therefore have that additional glass of wine or the additional course. The opposite theory is used in shops at sale time. Faster, louder music can speed up your customers as well as create a sense of excitement in them. If you have the big flashy sale tickets, the clothes arranged for easy access, have you thought about creating an additional buzz in store?

Amazing Instore can create a soundtrack to mimic your trading period, not just on sale days, but everyday. Call Fiona  today on the number above to hear some great ideas to help boost sales, communicate with your customers and save money!!

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