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Rock Around The Shop

posted by Ian

A typical day at Amazing Instore includes talking to clients ranging from independent retailers with a single member of staff, to national and international retail chains with tens of thousands of staff – something that I love to do to gain more views, reviews and feedback to the service we provide.

It seems to be the trend that our clients don’t believe we only supply great music, but we supply a product and service that is simply amazing.

An important part of supplying an amazing music service to retailers across the UK and the rest of Europe is providing a service that the staff like, enjoy, and want to hear more of… after all, for many of our clients, the staff are the cogs in the retail machine and to work at their optimum they need to be oiled and in high spirits. For the single staffed retailers this can be done by doing what we do best – supplying music to suit the client, something that they want for their customers to hear, or something they themselves want to get them through their day tapping their feet.

Unfortunately for the larger clients it’s not this simple. One thing no one can deny is that we all have different ears, by that I mean everyone has their own tastes in music… if your tastes are the same as the next person, then you will probably be hearing and liking something different (to the next person) within the track – whether it be a lyric, a bass line or drum fill, a minor to major chord progression, or the tone of the singer’s voice. As we cannot guarantee every member of staff will like all of the music supplied, we find interaction with staff improves morale, and acts as a friendly and accessible face to contact.

Here at amazing we believe in having fun… we have a great team at Amazing Towers, throughout America, Asia, and Europe that is buoyed by laughter and positivity. So, when we pass this on to our client’s staff through online networking events, competitions, freebies, we connect with staff on a level that we feel can only instil positivity – the oil for the cogs to work in better spirits.

With bigger and better competitions to come, gigs and events, mobile phone apps for staff and their customers, even chances to guest present on Amazing Radio, our very own globally broadcasted radio station… and more… we’re excited!

Along with this and the amazing music they rock, tap their feet, or moonwalk around the shop to, we continually look forward to meeting, networking, laughing with, and helping everyone to love their job even more!

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