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The Hidden Power of Messaging

Recently I was in a local toy shop, I was looking for a present for a friends 6 year old boy. As I entered I heard a familiar voice. That of a presenter from a local commercial radio station. read more…

Black Letters

Just when you thought that you'd heard everything. We bring you Black Letters. An Indie Rock band from India. Which would make them India Rock? Right? read more…


Koda produce music of such exquisite beauty that it has brought us close to tears with each listen. It draws from a deep pool of emotion and touches on nearly every fibre of our being that… read more…

Customer Service; The Ultimate In Added Value?

How important is the service you provide to your customer? Do you concentrate more on what you sell than how you sell it? read more…


There is one thing that we value more than music. read more…

The Quiet Power of Background Music

How much attention do you pay to the noises around you? A telephone ringing, a police siren, a baby crying. We are all programmed to respond to these audible stimuli, although slightly differently from person to person. read more…

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