One Stop Radio

One Stop have teamed up with Amazing Instore to bring you One Stop Radio. The new in-store music service designed to bring your store to life, increase sales, improve brand awareness and remove the hassle of music curation.

You can now have a fully managed in-store music service with professionally created promotional messages that boost your monthly sales.

How does One Stop Radio work?

We provide you with an Amazing Music Box which enables us to manage and schedule all the music and One Stop promotional messages for your store. Your music will update automatically and the promotions will start and finish in time with each promotional period, leaving you to run your store!

Select licence exempt or licenced music:

1. Licence exempt music will be songs that you may not be familiar with. The benefit of this option is that you do not require TheMusicLicence (formally PRS/PPL licence).

2. Licenced music will be songs that you are familiar with performed by well known artists, past and present. You are legally required to hold PRS/PPL licences* to choose this option.

1. Licence exempt 2. Licenced

* Based on the average square footage of a One Stop franchise store of 1,800 sq.ft, the combined licence costs would be £378.31(+VAT). You must purchase these licences directly from PRS & PPL, if you don't already have them.